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June 28, 2006

I’ll be..

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working here…


June 27, 2006

ABC…A Friend

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a.gif Accepts you as you are.

b.gif Believes in you.

c.gif Calls you just to say “Hi”.

d.gif Doesn’t give up on you.

e.gif Envisions the whole of you.

f.gif Forgives your mistakes.

g.gif Gives unconditionally.

h.gif Helps you.

i.gif Invites you over.

j.gif Just “be” with you.

k.gif Keeps you close at heart.

l.gif Loves you for who you are.

m.gif Makes a difference in your life.

n.gif Never judges.

o.gif Offers support.

p.gif Picks you up.

q.gif Quiets your fears.

r.gif Raises your spirits.

s.gif Says nice things about you.

t.gif Tells you the truth.

u.gif Understands you.

v.gif Values you.

w.gif Walks beside you.

x.gif X-plain things you don’t understand.

y.gif Yells when you won’t listen.

z.gif Zaps you back to reality.

June 26, 2006

Thank you

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You're my hero.

June 23, 2006

When they were young…

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Aren't they cute???

June 22, 2006


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Don't worry about what you see in the mirror,
beauty is in the eyes of the beholder…

June 21, 2006

Don’t argue…

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It's pointless.

Trying to win someone's love by arguing is ridiculous if not abusive.Arguments of love generally become abusive. When you try to persuade someone to love you, you only invite the other person to use you, and you also name the price you'll pay to be abused.

When you argue with someone you love, you always end up feeling guilty and needy at the same time, trying to convince yourself that the person you hurt deserved it. Worse, in that state you both want the other's affection but are unable either to admit that you do or accept it. Your guilt makes you feel pretty unlovable.

When you argue, you never resolve anything. You only push yourself to the limit of your frustration. The other person goes to the same point. Neither of you are being your best, and both of you get worse by the minute.

Scream at the wind if you must. At least you won't be disappointed when your efforts come to nothing.

And you won't feel guilty for being out of control.

Take time…

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once in a while to just enjoy the moment…

June 20, 2006


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Remember the buddy system… because two have more fun than one!

NB. This post is dedicated to two good buddies.

June 19, 2006

Don’t Wait For Love…

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If another person is going to love you, that person already loves you and there is nothing you need to do to win that love.

If people tell you that the reason they don't love you is because you don't do something for them, such as obey them or meet their expectations, the sad truth is that they will not love you when you follow their commands or meet those expectations.

Such love is conditional.

People who offer conditional love want to control you. The moment that they give their love without condition is the moment you are free.

This is not what they want.

So when you please someone in order to get his or her love, you will soon discover that that love is not worth having, or that new conditions have been added for you to meet before you are loved.

When you want to be loved, you neglect to acknowledge the love that already exists.

I give my love freely and expect nothing in return..

June 18, 2006

A Letter To My Dad

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Dear Dad,

I must have patience 'cos I will remember the hours you spent teaching me not to get dirty when eating or when I cannot even dress myself.

I will not interrupt but I will listen to you 'cos when I was small, you had read to me a thousand and one times the same story until I get to sleep.

I appreciate the quality time I have with you and to have you listening to me although the most important thing is not my conversation.

Thank you for teaching me how to do so many things… to confront life… and especially when you gave me your hand when I took my first steps.

Help me to walk again, Dad…help me to end my way with love and patience.

I will pay with a smile and with the immense love I have always had for you.

I love you, Dad.

Your beloved child

NB. This is posted in conjuction with Father's Day.

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